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What is SynerBay?

In traditional commerce, suppliers and purchasers make trades in one-on-one relationships. Most of the time, suppliers are focusing on selling more and more, while purchasers’ interest is to buy at the lower price possible.
However, the two needs do not always meet. In contrast, SynerBay’s platform allows sellers to offer their products in large quantities and pricing them in different ways, which is called dynamic pricing. This is when group purchasing takes place, as buyers can form buyer groups regardless of location, time, purchase quantity, or company size. Purchasers have the opportunity to place their order request parallelly with each other, after which SynerBay aggregates the entire quantity and each buyer will have access to a wholesale discounted price. In this way, they can also increase their purchasing power, competitiveness, and inventory turnover speed, as it is enough to order only the current quantity with co-purchasers, so there is no need to commit their liquidity to the demand of the far future.

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Collaborative Commerce

Our goal is to prove that B2B e-commerce still has huge innovations and there is no need to maneuver in the online space with outdated methods. The e-commerce that is evolving day by day poses many challenges for companies, so we are responding to that. The approach represented by SynerBay is based on the collaborative commerce model, so in our world, collaboration is synonymous with competitiveness. With the help of collaborative commerce, we provide space for B2BG (Business 2 Business Groups) commerce and for our users to find allies in ways that have not been known before.


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Business 2 Business Group Marketplace

As a B2BG marketplace, we work every day to provide a renewable and unusual platform for our users. We believe that a well-functioning marketplace can be a stage for business development and a defining channel for company growth. Our goal is to provide our users with a forward-looking tool that provides new solutions.

Production optimization

Optimizing production is designed to meet demand continuously, regardless of industry. SynerBay helps sell on a transparent, predictable recording market for sellers instead of unpredictable and often changing demand, thereby increasing production capacity and reducing inventory levels.

Business network

We feel a responsibility to give our community everything that helps them build connections and keep in touch. That is why we have created our community-oriented platform view, which provides an opportunity to cultivate business relationships, as this is the basis of cooperation.


Where else would collaboration be as important as in procurement between B2BG trades? We provide an easy-to-use solution for just that! At SynerBay, buying companies have the opportunity of several group purchases, so they can work together to obtain wholesale discounts when purchasing a product.

B2BG crowdfunding

The strength of community collaboration has been demonstrated in many areas over the past decade, a good example of which is crowdfunding. At SynerBay, we consider the development of industrial innovations to be vital, so we provide our users with the opportunity to assess a predictable demand for the product they want to develop when introducing their new products and then easily implement it in the market as a sale.

Market engagement

We most often come across the term “engagement” as customer engagement, as long as we view our partners as individual customers. For us, with collaborative commerce, it means something else. We think in total market engagement, so successful partnerships and deals not only generate returning customers but also returning purchase communities. Imagine the extent to which this can increase the growth of a company.

Sales funnel

As soon as you use SynerBay as a supplier, you soon realize that we are generating sales through a completely different mechanism. We call this tool dynamic offer and market intelligence, in which the supplier company can create offers that automatically adapt to the demand of the receiving market. We gather the customers, all you have to do is deal with the order. Just like a funnel!

Customer group acquisition

Given the marketing activities of a sales company, it is common for cost per acquisition to appear as a metric. This is no coincidence, as it is very important how much it costs a business to make a deal. What are we different about? While in traditional trade this number means one customer, we have customer groups, so your customer acquisition efficiency jumps many times over immediately.

Marketing channel

Pont úgy mint minden marketplace, a SynerBay is beépíthető a marketing tevékenységbe, hiszen az értékesítést hivatott szolgálni. A különbség azonban az, hogy nálunk nem áll meg a folyamat pusztán az eladásnál, hanem figyelmet fordítunk arra is, hogy visszatérő vásárlói csoportokat generáljon a platform számodra, hiszen ez a hosszú távú fejlődés kulcsa.

Brand awareness

What else would a strong brand be responsible for to easily differentiate yours from competitors ’products? SynerBay helps ensure that promoting your brand means not just a few ads, but an accurate and real value proposition straight to your market. Promoting your brand has never been more effective than with us, as we view your partners as a community.

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