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Before you sign up, you can try SynerBay demo mode. With this opportunity, we are providing an explainer tutorial about the use of SynerBay. Don’t hesitate, you have nothing to loose, but you can learn more about Business 2 Business Group commerce.

The 6 step playbook is here!

Learn more about how SynerBay helps your business grow.

Our 6 step playbook is available for free. Hit the download button and get inspired of c-commerce opportunities! The following topics are included:

1. C-commerce
2. Marketplace + Social network = Market network
3. Dynamic pricing – seller approach
4. Co-purchase – buyer approach
5. Supply chain optimization
6. Market acquisition

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This documentation is about to explain how SynerBay works, how you can use it effectively and how it grows your business.

About SynerBay
SynerBay is a Wholesale Group Buying Marketplace that helps customers to co-purchase products, earn quantity discounts and helps seller companies to sell bulk quantities to Groupped companies.

Group Buying Marketplace simply means that seller companies can sell to several customer at once, grow their earnings, while these customers earn discounts.

It’s just win-win!

Profile and store setup
As a Vendor user
As a Customer user


  1. Click the registration button at the right top


2. Fill the register form.


  1. Check your email and complete verification
  2. Continue with final verification


  1. Setup your store, fill the form

details registration

  1. Add your PayPal account

second step wizard

  1. Your store is ready

final step

Profile and store setup

Click vendor dashboard to finish your store, than click settingssettings vendor

Than, you can easily edit any detail
store page details

As a vendor user

  1. Add new product

As a vendor, the most important thing is to create our catalogue, so you can list your products on SynerBay.

Go to the vendor dashboard

menu vendor

Click catalogue

cataloague user

Click Add new product

add new product

Add product details and photos, than click Create product or Create & Add new if you want to list multiple products in your catalogue

2. Add new offer

Once you have added your products to your catalogue, you can create offers.

Click Offers on Vendor dashboard, than Add new Offer

offer create

Fill offer details form.

offer details form

offer details end

Than click

create offer btn

Now, your offer is available.

homepage offer

How to manage purchase requests.

When a customer place order need to your offer, you can manage the request here.

Click Show button to see customer.

offer panel

You will see every detail about the customer company.


offer details user 1

Until you don’t change Pending status, the placed order need won’t be added to your offer.

You can View the profile, Accept, or Reject the request

offer btn

By clicking Accept, the ordered quantity will be added to your offer page.

offer page

How to manage RFQs

When users send you Requests For Quotation, you can create offer for them.

Find them below on product page:

rfq location

How to invite potential partners

When you create an offer, the easiest way to increase sales, is to invite existing partners to   purchase.

On every product page, there is a quick button for invitation.

offer invite

Payment between Vendor and Customer

SynerBay doesn’t guarantee payment process between Customers and Vendors. As a wholesale marketplace, there are many different conditions and contract forms while trading with commercial goods

Payment between Vendor and SynerBay

SynerBay has an initial free to use offer right now. Ther isn’t any charging on users.

As a Customer user

When you place order need as a customer, you are joining a co-purchase process.

offer apply

Once you have placed order need, the Vendor needs to accept your request.

After the Vendor has accepted your order, you will find your orders on Customer Dashboard as Active Offers

customer menu

When the offer is ended, you will find your final Orders here:

order customer


Main menu