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500% sales growth

Don’t believe it?

Wondering how SynerBay can provide a 500% increase in B2B sales? No wonder, as this is far above average expectations, however, if we look deeper, it soon becomes clear how this is possible.

While in traditional commerce you are forced to persuade every customer to get the product they need from you, one obviously has limited sales performance. SynerBay provides a Business 2 Business Group solution for that.

Dynamic offer

In our B2BG marketplace, dynamic offer allows you to make an offer perform as well as possible and generate as many purchases as possible for you. In a completely different way from the traditional commercial model, SynerBay focuses on co-purchase groups, so we target one offer to multiple buyers at once. When preparing offers, you have the opportunity to set pricing steps depending on the quantity ordered, so if several customers find an offer attractive, they can order with each other in large batches, thus gaining access to a quantity discount.

You don’t have to give everyone a discount in advance unless the buyers are guaranteed to buy from you the quantity you want to sell.

Start selling to multiple purchase groups, not just individual customers!

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